Introducing world's simplest MVP

Asking for an email address is one of the quickest ways to make sure you’re building a product people actually want.

Linkhyper applies this same concept to product features, articles and any other idea you can come up. Simply link to it as if it already exists and we’ll turn that link into an email form.

Here’s an example: uses Linkhyper to validate demand for a guide of PR hacks

By collecting email addresses you not only make sure enough people are interested in your idea, but you also build an email list of people to reach out to for further discussions and ultimately share your new product with.

We’re almost ready to launch Linkhyper to the public, but for now give it a try yourself and we’ll notify you once it’s live.

Linkhyper isn’t just limited to product features by the way. You can also use it for blog articles you’re considering writing and any other idea that you’re considering pursuing. Can't wait to see what you'll use it for!